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2003-04-03 05:54:51 (UTC)

The Details

Well, it's late, I'm tired, but now is the time for this
story to come out. It is dedicated to Mackenzie 'cause she
is the one who wanted the gorey details. Here you are my
friend, in all my drunken glory....

Last Friday was crazy at work. It was the last day of a
woman who has worked there for like, 25 years, and I had a
few people call in sick and we were slamming. There
literally wasn't enough time to breath. I was doing my job
and a few other people's jobs and keeping my boss calm. A
few of us were planning to go out for drinks after work to
say goodbye to the person who was leaving. All my boss
could think about was "Is it time for beer yet?" and I
can't say that I wasn't thinking the same thing.

Finally the time arrived and we got to leave. A few other
people left as well and we all went to relax and calm down
and get our heartbeats back to normal. I did make Erin
come after the beach so I could have someone who knew me
well there. I am very glad that I did.

We started at one bar, but it was dead. Had a few beers
and got some food in us (but not me, I was already beyond
hungry to the point where I didn't want to eat at all. I
hadn't eaten all day, nor the day before. This plays an
important role in my story. Stay tuned.) before going
across the street to another bar.

Now, the second bar and I have this interesting
relationship. Everytime I'm there, something random
happens to me. I met a guy there who was perfect except
for the fact that he was in love with his ex, I had to
tell another guy that a friend and I were lesbians to keep
him from feeling her up, etc. Friday was no different.
Erin and I were drinking and my boss was buying us shots
and a good time was being had by all. My boss (who will
now be shortened to MB cause there are less letters) was
getting trashed and kinda out of it and it was making Erin
uncomfortable. I was totally wasted as well, but I do know
the "He's too close to me, please help" look when I see
it. So, I switched places with her. (Yet another side
note; MB is like, 5'5" to my 5'10" and 40 to my 23
years...it's just odd) Next thing I know I'm talking to MB
and then he's kissing me. Wow. Not what I was expecting. I
was thinking that his kissing me was probably not the best
of all possible ideas, but to make him stop I'd have to
move and that would require my getting up. I was too drunk
to stand up and was comfortable and he was a REALLY good
kisser (I was suprised and impressed) so I just went with

Thank god the only other work people there were Erin (one
of my best friends) and the bakery manager (one of MB's
best friends). It was just odd, ya know? Your boss isn't
supposed to make out with you. We both had to work
together the next day, and we both seem to have pretended
that it didn't happen, so all is well as far as I know. I
did get A LOT of ribbing from Erin and the bakery guy, but
that comes with the territory.

However, I do know that I was kissed cause Erin was
unavailable. It's hard when all your friends are better
looking than you are. Anyways.

That's the story. Not a huge deal I suppose, but odd
nonetheless. I can't ever get fired so that's a plus I
suppose as well.

Oh, we also supposedly made out for a looooong time, but I
only have flashes of memory of that period so I'm not sure
of the time. Erin gives me the "I can't believe you were
doing that for that amount of time" look when I mention
it, so I don't mention it anymore.

And I move on.