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slightly exaggerated
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2003-04-03 05:15:16 (UTC)

Discouraging times

This has been a bad year for my group of friends and I. A
once closely knit group of Barrhaven naitives are drifting
ever further into seperate directions. The culprit?
Relationships. No more, or very limited instances of just
getting together with the boys, crackin' open a few cases
of real rock and enjoying the carefree bliss of good
company. No more Tim Horton loitering escapades. The few
parties that still occur have the undertone of a reunion of
sorts. And even they produce limited and awkward social

Its a situation that is and has always been both feared and
seemingly inevitable. Once the University/College/Post high
school era rolls around, bonds and vivid memories begin to
erode and fade into oblivion. Girlfriends and boyfriends
begin to replace belches and booze. Its a very surreal
event in that it seems so perfectly and invaribly scripted.
Why is the loss of touch with those who you once thought
you'd hang out with forever equated simply with is stage in
ones life? Its a very helpless feeling, like beging
infected and slowly decayed by a degenerative, uncureable

And what do we have to look forward to? A life shackled to
mini-vans, soccer tournements, paying bills, mid-life
crisis', and a menotanous 9 to 5 job to maintain this
lifestyle. Can't wait. This pessemistic realism is hardly
worth the time to think about. As lyricized by Hot Water
Music, "Dwelling on the dying is wet fingers to a flame".
So I will try and let the flickering flame run its doomed
course and make a concerted effort to enjoy and cherish the
remants of youthful exuberence.

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