My *Daily* Nightmare...
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2003-04-03 03:16:55 (UTC)

April Fools

Okay.. its April 2nd, the day after april fools.. and i had
to let you in on the joke i played on my wonderful
boyfriend matt..

Ok, so, Me and Heather ride the bus home with Mike, and we
go to Matts (Matt lives next door to Mike) so, we get in
Matts room, with posters of Bands he Hates, and of Half-
Naked Guys, (hes the biggest homophobe ive ever met in my
life.. its sad) SO, we take EVERYTHING out of his room,
and only left his bed, clock, and CD player. ... hide all
of his crap in either his borthers closet, or we found
somewhere. So, we attack his room with posters of like,
Linkin park, C.C. Models, Britney, whatever we found, even
Michael Jackson and Elton John, and N'Sync.. what ever.
and so, we COVER his walls, you cant see white or
ANYTHINg.. i took us 3 hours just to hang posters,
so, we get done, and were sittin in his bros room who faces
the street, and we see him skatin home (the whole time he
was out skating, thanks to the wonderful help of my friend
Tony) and so i dart for his room, and hide behind his
headboard *his bed is coming out from the corner.. so you
cant see me* and i hide until he comes in his room, and
goes APE shit. hes pissed. So, he blames it on his brother,
and me and heather pop out.. Well.. needless to say. We
didnt talk to me that night, or all day today until the end
of the day.. thats the last time i put gay men on my
boyfriends wall. he threated to attack me with clowns, to
break up with me, and also to never speak to me again.
Well, my april fools day was peachy. :o).

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