REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-04-03 02:49:27 (UTC)


today we had our first scrimmage today! i did pretty good
i gess...i played center but no balls came out there so i
was falling asleep. i got up to bat twice...*big deal but
better then nothing* i got a pop up to short stop, and
then i hit it out to left feild, i pulled it through! we
tied 6-6 not bad eh? ok well you know i typed this HUGE
HUGE HUGE entery in and i went to this site someone sent
me and it automatically changed sites and it didntopen a
different window or w/e and went i pressed back it was ALL
gone i was so pissed...this always happens to me! lol well
anyway, today i brought home my social studies binder for
no reason, cause i thought we needed it and yeah thats
yeah...lol. I cant wait till we go on the great adventure
trip for school! CANT WAIT! CANT WAIT! so im goin to great
adventure wit the band, and wit the whole grade its goin
to be funerific! gonna ride the hell outta nitro, medusa,
superman, chiller, free fall, goin on the ddr, and
everything!!!!!!!!!!! AHH this is great i cant wait...
-i hate this diary thing its really annoying...but now
your asking why do i write in it then. well ya wanna know
why? cause people like YOU read it, and people like YOU
beg! me to write or update it lol, plus i get my feelings
out sometimes. my head hurts ya know that? yeah..im gonna
take a shower after this! HEY GUESS WAT! im on da fone wit
-random thought- aj rotondella is the coolest kid. yes he
is! hes awsome, and! hes teachin me how ta skateboard!
even though i do know how to manuel and ollie...i dunno if
i spelled them right but o-well. i hate losin touch with
friends *especially when you mean da world to me*

you know wat i hate!? STALKERS! guys that stalk you! and
are overly obsessive! AHH!!!!!...most of you know who the
hell im talking about...ust get rid of him! PLEASE

ok now...im doing the extra credit for norton! and i dont
feel like it. whens the science lab due? i think tuesday
anyway moving on i got a 100 on nortons test today!
SUPRISING?! hehe i know i know! lolz, wont make to much of
a diff. im still probobly gonna fail!

**************: no i hate softball and anyone who ever
played softball and that includes you reeda, and the whole
friggen thorne team!...


wat a fag...that really pissed me off...and he/she wasnt
joking i know that, cause theres more behind it...

*i didnt do sh*t to you so why do you do stuff to me that
i dont deserve...roll owt fag*
*you confuse me way way way to much...*

-im done for tonight PEECE!