Love is an Addiction
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2003-04-03 02:29:13 (UTC)

I Could End IT NOW

Dear Diary,

Its finally all gettin to me,the music bangin in my head I
just wanna tell the world to SHUT UP!My head is throbbin.I
cant think and this time jonathon is not there to make me
happy to make me forget it all even form one moment.and
Here come the tears.I should have known he could never be
there forever.as the stress rises the knife seems to call
me more and more. I could slit my wrist and end it all now
make these emotions leave me along with my soul.I'm
screamin on the inside!The sissors lay so close to me now
almost as if there calling me.I'm cold I have goose bumps
all over you know its weird I feel so cold so dead.If I do
die tonight some1 place a dove on my grave.To show the
world I died for love.
u know I just wanna be held in some1's arms again to know I
am wanted.to be loved but it seems without drama there is
not love howcome no one understands.I wanna go I wanna get
away run.hide from the world but maybe I'm already running!
But now I DON'T have to look bac now

Love alawys