Love is an Addiction
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2003-04-03 01:38:10 (UTC)

Is He Slippin away from me AGAIN??

Dear Diary,

Baby I been torn apart,I wish you hadn't
Broke my heart,I'm missin you babe missin u
Baby J...

I wanna cry,I don't know if he wants to talk to me ne
more,I can't tell when hes mad and I don know if he even
wants to be bothered with me. And so I been tryin to stay
away but I love him so much its so damn hard.I remember
when we first broke up.and I kno it was bcuz he wasn't
gettin enough attention and I don know how to give him
attention and it seems like evertime I do hes with jade or
hes with erica or hes with someother girl thats not me..I
wanna b that girl hes givin attention 2 sometimes but I
don't think he knows that and if he didI don't think he
would care.I mean some1 correct me if Im wrong.Its funny
hes always like stop thinkin 4 people andstop thinkin
negative well to him I guess I'm sorry cuz I just did.But
his friends tell me hes says he doesn't like me i dont know
what to do ne more.why can't I get inside his head and find
out what he really thinks about me I would be 2 happy.GOD
IF U COULD DO ME 1 FAVOR help me figure out whats goin on
in that head of his!!!
Love always

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