ramblings of this hopeless romantic
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2003-04-03 01:32:26 (UTC)


Ok so I just got back from going downtown w/ Abby cuz
tomorrow's Barret's bday and she wanted to get him a card.
I'm making him 17 signs (I'm so damn nice).

Talked to Adam last night online. It made me excited. He
apparently talks to Abby now too. Lol I don't care. Not
like we're going out or anything (hah doubt it would
happen). I can't believe this weekend's prom. Latria's so
kind to get me a little tassle thing for my fan :) My
nails are TOO DAMN LONG. Ms. Dey wanted me to come and
rehearse the Mendelssohn this afternoon but I needed to be
with the Wind Ensemble cuz our concert's next Wednesday.
I'm so screwed on Friday when I go to rehearse with the
Concertato. I HAVE to take off these nails Sunday. Next
weekend's the Hilton Head trip thing...which reminds
me...I still need to turn that thing into Dr.
Hamilton...Oh well. I'll do it tomorrow on my way to Piano

Strange dream (some ppl have dubbed it a nightmare): It's
the day of prom and I'm in my dark blue dress and I go
down to the lobby to meet Adam. He puts this horrid
looking yellow corsage on my wrist and I don't want to be
mean and be like "Oh my goodness this is the grossest
thing I've ever seen" so I just look at it funny. Then I
remember that it SO does't match my dress and then I look
down and my dress is now the same horrid yellow. To make
things worse with my shoes I'm half a foot taller than
Adam (which I totally am NOT cuz I'm so damn short).

I finally ordered my class ring today at dinner. When the
guy sized my finger he was like "Dang girl you got small
fingers....You need to eat some more". I just laughed. So
what if my ring size is 4 1/2? I'm a small person.

Currently listening to: Ben Folds - The Luckiest (the
sweetest song in the world!!!)