No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2003-04-03 00:54:23 (UTC)

not good...not good at all

Note to Trish:

She is being a FUCKING BITCH. Ok, first, she is just being
a bitch about the past. Secondly, she started rubbing her
socks on me at the dinner table. Let me give you a little
insight on why that is so bad. I HATE SOCKS. I do NOT like
them rubbing up against me. It makes me feel like I am
about to throw up and it gives me goosebumps. So, Colleen
thinks she can pull the same I tapped her head.
Not hard...then she hit me...I hit her on and so
forth. We were just playing at first. Then, she hit me as
hard as she could in the head. I hit her...she grabbed my
neck and tried breaking my necklaces. That was it. Then she
hit me in the face, and punched my lower back. I hit her,
not realizing I hit her so hard, and she fell into the
front hallway and I either bruised or broke her tailbone. I
really didn't mean to push or hit her that hard. I just get
mad sometimes, and when I am pushed too far, I dont realize
my own strength. I could probably beat a grown man's ass if
I was joke. So, Trish tries to come after me.
BULL SHIT! I didn't mean to hurt Colleen. I really didn't.
And on top of that...Trish bitch me out on the way to
Publix. I think freaking not! So, I'm pretty pissed off at
I REALLY didn't mean to hurt Leen, and I feel horrible.
They just left for the hospital. I hope she just bruised
it. I hope it's nothing serious. *sigh* I really didn't
mean to hurt her at all.
I have to go to the beach for a weekend...this weekend.
Down by Cocoa, it might be fun. I dunno. I dont wanna go.
So, yeah. But, I guess it's time to work on a tan (me, tan,
yeah right) and time away...not that I need any. Had plenty
of that lately. But, it shouldnt be too horrible...I just
feel bad about Leen right now..
Well, it's 7:53...I'm gunna head out and sit around and
think. Later.


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