thats absurd
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2003-04-03 00:52:26 (UTC)


Why cant...
I mean...
oh dear...
screw it . . .

on the other hand...

Im not sick. I just fell like I am. All the time.

I hate capitol letters. i dont think there important. Just like
the letters c, q,
and x. We dont aktually need them.

and the word there...their...they're. they are all the same. why
spell it 3
different ways...?

i miss gracie. all the time. im not sick. i just feel like i am.

they are probably related.

"i can sulk and be misserable if i bloody well want to"

- my new quote

My sister is upstairs throwing up.
she isnt sick either.
and i dont think she misses gracie.

ignorence is bliss.......

im miserable