SuGaR RuSh
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2003-04-02 23:41:05 (UTC)

let it be...

ya know what would b wonderful...if the beatles still
toured...but yes i know theres only 2/4 of them left...but
i love love love ringo and george...they r my fave...i was
watchin leno a while ago and ringo was on and he was tellin
a was the most awesome thing ive ever
heard....ill tell it
ringo was in england visiting george when he was on his
death bed and ringo said he had 2 go soon cuz his daugher
had 2 get surgery and like the only thing george said was "
would u like me to come with u?"

now how flippin great is he was dyein (which
is very bad) but he said that cuz he is such good friends
w/ him...ringo said that story and i was like ohhh lordyyy bday is gunna b the big 1 7 ! lol

well im goin drivin *vroom*vroom*

kissy kissyyyyy