The Faeries' Revenge
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2003-04-02 22:44:32 (UTC)

Wed 2 April 2003: A Poem

Last Saturday at the Academic Excellence Conference the
audience was given a writing sparker. This is what I wrote:

What I learned from my father...

Buy store brand.
"You can too do the math; you're just not trying hard
Politicians are all corrupt, but vote anyway.
Read everything in sight.
If there isn't room for it, just toss it on top of
something else.
"Don't let anyone pick on you."
"If you do that again I'll make you regret it."
The kid of a software engineer can teach him his computer
and the Internet.
"You watch too much TV."
Shoveling the driveway is hard, but being shaken by the
armpits is harder.
"You can too do the science, you're just not trying hard
Don't offer to help unless you want to be blamed for
anything that happens later.
"Don't raise your voice to me!"
It doesn't matter if I decide never to get married, so long
as he gets grandkids.
"You can too remember history; you're just not trying hard
Music can be a gift, therepy or a weapon.
"Homosexuals should have equal rights and
marriage." / "That guy was a faggot..." "People shouldn't
go against nature."
Always follow my dreams.
Always follow my dreams, but be sure to have a safety net
and back up plan.
Always follow my dreams, but do I really think I'm
talented enough to be a musician?
"Don't get a job if it will interfere with your schoolwork."
If I can't do all my schoolwork and spend time with my
friends, the friendships are expendable.
Failure is twice as big a deal as success.
Always do the right thing, because the rest of the world
sure as hell won't.

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