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2003-04-02 22:27:40 (UTC)


first softball game last night! it was really cool.
actually, we lost by one point, although im not sure what
the final score was. and actually, it was just
a "preseason" game, so it doesnt even really count. but
still. i was totally nervous, and you'd think after playing
softball for 5 years would eliminate that problem, but i
still get nervous. anyway, i played well, i think. i hit
the ball all three times at bat, whereas last year (without
my contacts, mind you) i struck out a lot. and i got two
singles and scored a run. not that ya'll care. but i enjoy
it. fun stuff. but stupid person that i am.....guess what i
did? i was laying on my back on the bench in the dugout
because i wasnt playing in the field that inning. and, as a
softball player, sometimes i get the urge to spit, like in
the dirt or wherever. so naturally, being completely
oblivious to the fact that im laying on my back, i go ahead
and spit. and guess what. it landed in my face. yep, all
over my face. one of my teammates was practically rolling
in the dirt laughing at me... and i think my coach is a
little scared of me now. but it was quite entertaining.

anyway.....my birthday's in 8 days! and the harry potter
movie comes out on dvd on the 11th, so im gonna be hinting
to my mommy about that one, cause i really really want it.

i gotta go memorize like 200 spanish vocab words. wish me