the writtings on the wall
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2003-04-02 22:06:43 (UTC)

Its been forever

Uh, yeah i no it has been a while. sorry. i am a busy
person.. but ive been gone. Thinking vacation. gotta
love 'em. heres the new entry. It is a letter to a guy. Not
just any guy. Him.

you are the best person i have ever met. i dont say that to
many people, frankly, anyone. bc you are the best, and i
cant say you are the best to anyone who isnt the best. So,
yeh. I mean when i think about you in class..which i do
more than i seem to think about more than anything else.. i
think about all the ways you could look. I acctually make
cartoon sketches of all the ways i think you could look.
there inside my book, (which ever one i am readin..{{i read
a new book every week}} ) I mean, you dont even no how
largly the things you say effect me. I mean someone could
tell me i am cool.. and i not think anything of it, (it
could be outa pitty bc they are COOLER or it could be bc
they are a super-dork and think i am there idol.. ((thats
never happened except by my 7 yr old sisters friends??)) )
but whenever you say things like how you like how i am or
sumthing.. i mean .. it is sincere to me. Like today, i had
a pestimis day. Everything was dull, drab, black and white.
I didnt care about anything. ANYTHING. and then i got home,
ate a turkey and chip sandwhich, and got online for the gay-
ass advanced biology homework, and read your emails, and i
swear my day ( in a sec) went from black and white, dull
and drab, to technicolorful. I loved it. I smiled. and then
went and got happy music, bc i was listening to this dull
drab crap. ((weezer.. good stuff. they remind me of u). I
also have an I WISH list i keep in my books for book marks,
and they are about 197 items on there i add to frequently
bc it makes me happier, and like 20 are the same thing. "I
WISH chris lived here" or "I WISH chris was here bc i need
a blanket-in-the-middle-of-the-street-buddie". I am
serious. I hate fake people so i am not lying to you,
promise promise. ( i say it twice to enphsize the honesty
in it ).
Ill show you the sketch of you i have narrowed it down to,
when i acctually see you, maybe it will be right, i think
abotu you enough during the course of the day ~and so maybe
your image had diffused into my head one of those times.


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