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2003-04-02 21:32:25 (UTC)

A plague epidemic today...

That's what I call HIM.

Who is he? He is the hot guy from school. He stands out of
the crowd, not looking like a school kid, but like the hot
rock star from any band. I haven't noticed him before. Just
this year. Maybe last too. He looks like a senior. I kinda
hope he is. That way I may see him in the luncheon or some
other places too.

He's hot. Black hair/semi-long/gelled twists going down;
black and white are his clothes usually, that I see him in.
Fair height, fairly built (can't tell too well. Kinda baggy
clothing.) My favorite accesory of his is that very Jeff
Hardy look he's got. Not THAT freaky, but just enough. He
reminds me of Jeff Hardy only because he wears that holed
up cloth over his right hand. Other then that he doesn't
look like him at all. All I can categorize him as is the
hot guy.

I finally told my friends about him. He was with his class
at that special steppenwolf production they put on for my
class and two others. I looked at him whenever I was given
the chance. He sat in the center of the two curved rows
backstage. (Where the performace was) I sat all the way to
the left. Stage Left that is. I was curious to see his face
expressions. I'm much into theatre. I wanted to know if he
was too. I wanted to know for the first time, since I've
been given the opportunity to find out, is he into some
stuff I'm into. He didn't look bored, or annoyed. He wasn't
disrespectful. He just was. Which is. That's all I got from
that. It just is. I don't think he's much the theatrical
type, but I don't think he's the complaining type either.
Which is. It just is.

Why do I keep repeating that? It's because if I am ever to
have any kind of a relationship with someone, I can sense
it. I can sense how it will feel, and how long it will be.
With this guy, nothing. So that is. It just is. I'll admire
him from a far. It's all I want really. I don't want a
boyfriend. I don't want to be near him if I know I can't
have him. What I don't know can't hurt me. I just am, and
he just is.

I don't think he's a bad boy. He might have cut today. I'm
not sure, I saw him for the first time during my lunch
period. He was eating near where I was eating with some
friends eating on a garbage can.

(This boy is an intrigue also because I look at some of his
friends and they are very average. He's not the kind of guy
who is alternative, and all his friends are the same way,
looking and acting. It's intrigueing.)

Good thing someone knocked my donut out of my hand with a
ball so I had to throw it out. I got to go over there, and
I was dressed in black and white as well today. My high
heels (black); with my thin, transparent, black skirt; and
my unsleeved silky black shirt which makes you look for the
writing on it. Over it my black and white, thin, jacket
like thingy, short sleeved.
He was wearing long, black, kinda baggy pants (as usual);
and two tee-shirts. The black one over the white. With some
chain around his neck, and some alt. bracelets around his
wrists. I wonder if he noticed me. I don't know, and it
doesn't matter if he did or didn't. It doesn't make a

Bottom line is:

He's just hot, and I dig his look.

P.S. I forgot, the reason I entitled this a plague, was because I've
been seeing him everywhere recently. And too much cute guy, means too
much cute in my head making me so distracted, my mind so occupied
with his appearance, that even though I know nothing will happen, I
will waste my time to write so much about him, in full detail then to
watch Smackdown or something. Which I haven't seen in weeks.

Thing is I've seen him in that play thing 8th period Monday. I told
Kathy about him cause we were all heading the same way, and he was
right in front of us. His locker is somewhere near the gym on the
first floor. I was going to French Club. I'm the secretary and I was
already late as it was. (Well, keeping on with the detail I see, how
can I pass it up?) Yesterday and everyday I see him walking the
opposite way of me after 4th. Today I saw him that same way, during
lunch, and going to 6th per. Hence plague I say plague. What a hot
plague. Let's let it be.

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