The void
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2003-04-02 20:35:49 (UTC)

Doctors appointment

oh for fuck sake!i'm UNDERWEIGHT for my height apparently!
how the fuck is that possible?! i eat nothing but crappy,
greasy,fat filled JUNK FOOD and lots of it for that matter!
my one aim in life is to be fat not thin! i despise being
thin! the reason i eat so much is because i want to put on
weight! and to be told it's just not working is
heartbreaking!i have to carry on taking iron and vitamin
tablets and they have put me on the contraceptive pill.
hopefully my hair will be back to normal and ready to dye
in about a year, but what the hell, i need cheering up so
i'm going to dye it anyway!hormaone inbalance...FUCK YOU!
Evil noodle isn't very happy.poxy relationships (says she
who just got back with her ex).well he knows i'm here for
him so he can't feel as if he has no one to talk to.
well..i may write more later, depends if the mood takes me.
c yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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