Just a guy

Logic of the Insane
2003-04-02 19:47:43 (UTC)

True happiness

Every once in a while, I'll catch a moment of ignorance
where I can just sit and feel content. And I take full
advantage of it. But it never lasts, it is ignorance. We
are all born ignorant, and we are all happy during that
time in our lives. Think of it, why don't we remember our
first days on this Earth? Because we're ignorant. But once
we start to learn things and gain knowledge, we become
unhappy. With knowledge comes great power, and great
responsibility, but with it also comes a seed of sorrow
that is planted in us the moment we know that there is
something better than we have out there. And it consumes
us, we all had it right when we were young. The only things
that we should get upset about are hunger and pain or
discomfort. And when any of those came up, we should do
somehting to fix it, but now we have inventions and
technology and information, we all want what others have
and we don't. That makes us unhappy with our lives. It's
our own fault. We've made this bed for ourselves and now we
must lie in it, but at least we know about it.
So, the question arises, is it better not to know of
your impending doom? That's something we all must decide
for ourselves. We were made to travel in pairs I guess, and
maybe some happiness can be drawn from having someone there
as support for when you just can't shoulder the burden
anymore. That's comforting. The thought of it, anyway. But
for the rest of us, we're expected to wait patiently for
the "right one" to come along. And aparently, it will be
worth it. Maybe. . .another comforting thought. . .but then
I see all of my friends with someone, while I'm alone and
it seems that no one has time for me anymore. And I want
what they have, because I know how it makes them feel, and
they have that comfort, and I don't. . .Do you believe in
God? I do. I don't know why it has to be this way
sometimes, but it is. And we just have to deal with it. We
can cry and moan to our divine father, but in the end, it's
how we deal with it that makes us who we are.
Personally, I'm sick of the struggle. I've been tempted
lately. Too often. I don't know, it's all too much to think
about right now, and I have to finish this newspaper
project before I fail my english class and am denied
graduation. . .think about it, and if you have some
insight, let me know. Ultimately, the decision is our own,
but some help would be nice every once in a while. Till
next time. . .