my diary that i write in when im bored,
2003-04-02 17:50:02 (UTC)

HI wooh... sorry bout the caps there...

Hey. Well.... I want to put my weekend in here but i can't
find the silly disk that has what i wrote about. i can't
remember where i put it. so. ill just talk about monday.
monday night, my bf pulled an early april fools joke on me.
then that gave me the idea to put one on my friend Kenny.
so i was like "Kenny..." and he said "yea" i said "i have
something to tell you..." and he said "ok" and i said "its
not good" and he said "ok" so i said "i haven't had my
period in 4 monthes... and i started to get worried so... i
went to the doctor..." and he said "o.o" i said "kenny...
im pregnant..." and he said "i thought you were going to
wait till your married!!" i said "well... things happen. i
am now but.." then we talked about a it a lil and he
said "PLEASE tell me this is a joke!" "please tell me your
not serious!" he was so upset about it and i said "dang it
you dont make this easy." then i said "go look at you
calendar..." and he said "what am i looking for?" i
said "just look. im a little early." so he did and didn't
get the date. so i think he finally noticed and he got
upset.. i felt soooooooo bad that he had believed and was
all concerned. NEVER AGAIN will i joke about being
pregnant. i felt so bad... then he felt bad for freaking
out on me... plus something ele i wont mention. then last
night i was talking to him, and it turns out he was copy
pasting to one of my best friends Nicole and she started
crying because she thought i was serious TOO ahhh i felt so
incredibly bad! who would have even known that it could
hurt so bad to joke someone?!?! ahh. any way im gonna go
outside now. its reeaaalllyyy pretty and im either gonna tan
(hahahah) or eat my lunch out there. maybe both! ok bye and
if i ever find my disk with my weekend... ill put it in
here ok? bye and kenny, cole or kirby, if you read this, I
LOVE YOU!!!!! ok bye.

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