Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-02 13:17:49 (UTC)


No reason for the title of this entry. Just couldn't think
of a word so I wrote "Terrific" hmm.. makes sense I spose.
Uni was pretty cool today I spose. I learned about Marxism,
Collaborative writing and the Autonomy of the arts. I also
learnt about how to market my creative writing work... I
suppose today my most interesting lecture was my creative
writing class... for two reasons.. Philip Neilson the guy
who wrote the novel that i had to read last week, "Edward
Britton", was there speaking about it. That was interesting
because I love to meet the people who wrote novels that I
have read.. it's just to me, such an aesthetic experience,
very cool. Plus also I finnally found out for sure that my
normal lecturer for creative writing, Nicole, is a lesbian.
I always though she might have been... one thing is that I
heard from a friend who had a friend who was in one of her
classess that she was, and also whenever she reffered to
her girlfried she would call her her partner, and I noticed
she wasn't married. And it seems in most cases that Gay
people often refer to their girlfriend/boyfriend
as "partners". I was in some doubt cos she has a 16 year
old daughter, which is confusing to me because I know that
gay couples aren't allowed to adopt of have IVF in
Australia. So hmm maybe she had a boyfriend prior to her
becoming a lesbian... I have no idea... or maybe she forced
herself to have sex with a guy so she could have a baby...
which is kind of sad I reckon. But really I have no idea,
and really it's not that much of a deal to me. I mean i
only see this person for a maximum of 2 hours every week..
it's not like a think about them constantly. Hmm anyways
yes well that was today. hooray for today! I learned things
which is always a good thing I think! Awww I need a new
job... Hannah said she might be able to get me one a
bunnings. The only thing is that it's really hard to get
there. But anyways We'll see what happens. Dear God give me
a new Job at a place that i would like to work at.
Pleeeease! THE END.

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