ton o galaxy
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2003-04-02 12:27:29 (UTC)


it's way too late for me to be up, but really who cares?
ugh. I am most definitely having some sort of anxiety
attack. Can't sleep. Here's why:

Beauty school. Of all the complete messes I've seemed to
get myself stuck into this has to take the cake. i work
full time and on my days off I'm supposed to go sit in the
ugliest building washing the hair of people who have
forgotten how to bathe. Great. How glamorous. Not to mention
the fact that my customer service skills are almost on
I'm bitching. It's late and this is keeping me up tonight.
My brain likes to take on a problem and then pile on all
the rest with it. I cancelled my therapy appointment too.
I want to finish this school. even if i think it's the
most inane way i could be spending my time i need to finish
it. I never finish anything.

What really woke me up were my drunk roommates. They
brought home some drunk boys( i know my roommates were
drunk cause these boys were gross). ANYWAY, the music came
on and, well, that was it.
so here i am. it's stupid but it's mine.

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