Inside A Mind Full Of Imagination
2003-04-02 05:52:38 (UTC)

Maybe something's going to happen...

I don't know if it's my imagination or if it's true, but...
when I met "J" yesterday, I had a feeling that he liked me.
Not just interested, but actually 'liked' me. I didn't know
whether to confirm this with him, but I figured maybe he
needs to figure it out for himself, without me suggesting
it to him.
When we were talking the other night, I told him that I had
one wish that I've always wanted. But I was reluctant to
tell him because he might get the wrong ideas about me.
Then I had a talk with my cousin yesterday about... things,
mainly boys, and I told her about "J". So I mentioned to
her about my talk with "J" the other day and about how I
couldn't tell him my one wish. I kindda had to tell her
about my wish, so it made me think, if that's how easy it
is to tell someone about my biggest wish, maybe it wouldn't
be so bad telling "J" about it too.
Yesterday afternoon, after she left and my bro and mom had
come home, I went out to get a sore throat candy and
Skittles. I texted him on the phone, asking whether he
wanted to meet me near where he was supposed to get off the
bus stop. I might have mentioned in an earlier entry that
he lived near my house.
Anyway, he met up with me right when got off the bus and
hadn't come home yet. So we didn't have long to talk.
And after a few hesitations, I finally told him my wish,
and he said that that's everyone's wish. And I said, I
know, but that's like my biggest, BIGGEST wish that I've
had for a long time. I didn't care about getting money much
as a wish, but falling in love was like... my life and
fantasy. Something like that.
And then, a few minutes later I think, I... this is gonna
sound weird, but I have this way of knowing people's
feelings (emotions), and I kindda sensed his feelings and
had the idea that he liked me. See, when I get people's
feelings, I get it as a sense and as an idea (not
unrealistic idea), I just know that it's somewhat true. But
since I liked this guy, I wasn't sure how I could read him
because whenever I tried to read a guy's emotions, my
sensing ability gets muddled up. Especially if I liked him.
So now I'm not sure whether what I got from him was real or
not, because it might actually be a misinterpretation on my
part. You know, like, just because I like him he likes me
But I don't know. I'm a little confused at the moment.
Maybe my confusion is because I have a sore throat and a
cold (which I hope don't turn out as a flu 'cause I just
hate them) and I'm not feeling myself that much today. Oh,
well, I guess I'll just have to see if what I sensed
from "J" is true and real. If not, I'm still willing to
stay friends with him.
Well, so long for now, I gotta get ready for work. I don't
wanna go to work when I've got a cold and sore throat but I
have to... for the money. So, lataz!