Mark Gittner

Gay Guy juggles his life struggles.
2003-04-02 04:43:22 (UTC)


Well, I'm sitting here hoping I don't turn out to be one. I
have a month ahead of me that I will use to test my self
discipline and my desire for truly being successful.

I need to save every dollar I can. I am going to allow
myself ONE splurge only. $40.00 at suncoast in a week from
now. All the other money WILL go to savings, and paying my
dad back what I owe him, and fixing my car. I'd like to
have $500 cash saved by the end of the month.

I WILL NOT get involved with anyone. NO. I need to stay
celibate and single so i don't hurt myself when I move...

I WILL do better at work so I can continue to make larger
paychecks thru my sales....

God, I feel like I'm making new years resolutions....