2003-04-02 03:50:22 (UTC)

sorry again

hey guys sorry again for not always typing in here, i have
a pretty busy schedule. and thank u all for remindin me to
keep up with my diary, truth is i don't really know u guys
r so interested in this. my life is not that interesting
and i'm pretty dorky(lol). it's also not all it's cracked
up to be. i had ppl come up to me and tell me they wish
they could be me. plz if u guys ever meet me don't do
that, i can't take it. God made u the way He wanted u to
be. He also has a path set out in ur life u just have to
be willing to walk it. i know what i'm talking about, i
didn't always have a life like this. i used to be a really
messed up kid, but then i found music. music was great but
there also came temptations with the music so i became a
messed up kid again. then i found my church. with my
church came happiness, good hope, and a better life. I
love my life but like in everyone's life there a bad
times. take last night for instance, i almost had to
witness someone's death. i volunteer almost every monday
night at a veterans' home. well last night i was helping
out with bingo and one of the people at my table passed
out. i mean her heart stopped and she stopped breathing.
we were trying to get her to wake back up. luckily someone
there was an EMT and knew what to do. we all had to lift
her and lay her on the floor. thank the Lord the could
wake her up again. If she died i don't know what i woulda
done. i went into work today, sat at my desk and just
stared at dead air the whole time. It was all just a nasty
kick back to reality. ok tonight i went to my church and
prayed)like i do every tuesday night) and my friend kevin
was there. afterwards we had this long talk at my house
about something and i made him cry. i felt so bad but the
things needed to be said and i couldn't hold back anymore.
right after we had this talk i found out someone had a
talk a lot like that one with him b4 he came to my house.
i didn't feel that bad after that but still did a lil, it
was one of those things that u couldn't help but feel bad.
well i'm gonna go chat, ttyl, until next time......pinkster