2003-04-02 01:36:23 (UTC)

my heart is on the floor, why don't you step on it...

I'll begin by describing how i feel because honestly i
dont feel like explaining my day right now...
I feel like shit. I describe myself as a "lonely apathetic
loser" and yet i make no attempt to make things better. so
it makes no sense that i complain, because i'm just
letting it happen but it's my diary and i'll write
whatever i want. well there's not much more to describe.
so here goes the past day or so.

today went to satallite beach (approx. 1 1/2 hours away)
for band festival thing. it was...ok. got to miss school,
but i had to be at the school at 5 in the morning so it's
ok. i got suckered into going to prom...bleh. this girl
made a big deal of it so I'm like fine i'll go. just as
friends though. i want to make that clear. but it'll be
boring and i'll regret it but oh well. well ntohing more
to write. people change and it's noticeable. but some
people are unexpectadly moving away from me (emotional) so
i'll have to work on that.

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