listen to my silences
2003-04-02 01:26:32 (UTC)

to do leftovers

1. paper (getting ready to start that now)
2. research (going to do that after my paper)
3. study for psci quiz (after the other stuff)
4. read for religion (after the other i'm
going to read for if i ever do)
5. get wipers fixed (tomorrow)
6. study for hkss test (tomorrow while getting car fixed
7. thtr rehearsal for marathon 33 (after hkss)

k that covers all i have to do for tonight and
tomorrow...well, at least all i can remember.

just to bring all of you up to date on things...

i had a seizure yesterday and had to go to the emergency
room. we stole tongue depressors and latex gloves, the
regular kind and the biohazard ones. and we played with
the hospital beds. dude, those things go up really really
high! and if you use the lever that makes the head part go
back and forth, be careful cause it's on a spring that
pulls extremely hard. not that i would know or anything...

i was told i should major in math today by both my math
professor and my advisor. my advisor was all impressed
with my grades for two reasons: a)they're all a's except
for one b and 2)he knows i work 32 hours a week but
they're still that high. so he said i only have to take
three gen eds in the fall instead of five cause he's not
worried about me maybe having to carry eighteen hours one
semester. cool.

umm...that's all i got. i have stuff to do.

final thought: i'm scared of you i'm scared of me but scary
things well set us free. i'm not afraid anymore