Euphoric Nothingness
2003-04-02 00:33:05 (UTC)


Well it is now Tuesday night, April Fool's Day. The time
is approximate 7:20 in the evening. The current song is
Passion by K5. Last night and this afternoon, I realized
something. I can't work at Wendy's much longer. And here
is the story....

Last night around 10:30, we were getting very busy and some
college kid came through. I was being stern with people
since it was busy, and he took it as being rude. When I
told him that he had to go around because I wouldn't let
him add stuff at the window (there were 4 cars behind him
plus the ones that hadn't ordered yet), he tried to go off
on me. He claimed he wanted to get me fired and all that
crap, and I just looked at him and smiled. When he was
done complaing, I just gave him his food and he drove off
(I didn't even respond, except look at him really funny, to
his silly accusations). I finished the rush and then
excused myself to go to the bathroom. In there I said to
myself that I can't be doing this anymore. I was
frustrated and I saw what it had done to me. It has torn
my body up and it has made me tired beyond belief. I
oversleep when I don't have school. I slack off from
schoolwork to get rest. I have become impatient. I don't
enjoy myself and have fun anymore. I have almost
completely lost my mind.

So now I have given myself some options. I could go to the
UCF Bookstore where it wouldn't kill my body as much but I
won't get paid as much. I could take a leave of I absence
from Wendy's after my vacation week in 3 weeks. I just
don't know. It's a big decision that I need to make. I
told myself that I would finish school at any cost. I said
that anything that interferes with school must be
eliminated. I think Wendy's has to be eliminated.

Well now I have to get ready to go to what could soon
become my former work. So hopefully I won't be on speaker
tonight and I won't go insane......