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2003-04-01 23:58:40 (UTC)

Horrible Horrible fate

The concert was great! I havent had so much fun in a long
time. I love 2SJ's and their music- everything was great. Greg's
friends are always so nice, we had alot of fun. Except for
that ugly ass guy who was rubbing his girlfriends ass all
night, and evidently other things took place.. poor Carly
and anyone who had to go through that scene. I remember
pulling Kris away fromt the ugly guy,because the guy's butt
was all up in Kris' area. Anyhow Greg's glasses got kicked
off.. I saved them!! WOO HOO quick thinkin.. A crowd surfer
fell on me, it hurt.. YAda yada.
Anyhow I will leave it all at that. Everything else is forgotten in
And now Im sitting here thinking about how great of a
relationship I have. No one could ask for a greater guy,
and I would never purposely try to do anything or have
anything happen to get Greg in trouble,or hurt him.
Hopefully everyone knows that, if not- you are stupid!
People do dumb things.. dont sit there and judge and think
you are better. YOuarent.. the truth is, you probably have
done much stupider things. So before you point or get angry-
take a closer look at yourself. Things were horrible for
us at one point, we thought it was all over for us. But
things have worked out, and everything is ok. So now I am
taking it one day at a time, and counting the days...
I know I havent cried so hard in a long time- never take
anything for granted.

Hey everyone, words of wisdom-
" Dont be a dumbass "