My world.. take a peek
2003-04-01 23:25:22 (UTC)

So long..

I know I havent written in weeks. Yada yada yack yack.
But you guys know me- my life is never boring, so I have
much to tell.
Two Sundays ago, Heather and I fixed dinner for Jeff and
Greg.( despite my Grandma's attempts to take over in the kitcken-
with much screaming from me to leave us alone!)Homemade mashed
potatoes, italian chicken, cream peas,
gravy,bread and butter, and chocolate puddin' ;)
Then we all settled down to watch Donnie DArko- It was an
attempt..too many cusswords for G-ma,so we had to turn down
the volume.. so we didnt hear most of the movie. I sang
with the choir at church that night.. Having Greg there
made me so nervous. I am never nervous in front of
audiences- but he's a different story. Anyhow, we came home
and played Chess. YOu know I think its great just sitting
down and playing such a thought provoked game.. its really
sexy. Ok.. that Friday, Greg came over to see me and we
played chess again ( yes its addictive). he went to dinner
with promises to return and bring me yummy breadsticks.
Well I have this thing about Greg parking in front of my
house instead of my driveway.. well ealier b4 he came over
I did yardwork. I filled the whole front of my house up
with lawnbags so he couldnt park there. He comes and what
does he do? MOVES THEM!- thats why I love him so much.. ok
maybe you wouldnt understand.. but hes such a challenge..
great personality match. Anyhow, around 7:15 he left to eat dinner..
so after he left,while I was on the phone I ran outside and put all
the bags back.. just to prove to him I didnt lose that easily :)
Well 30min later Im looking out the window and I see him
pull up.. well I run out still talking on the phone, and I
sneak up behind his car. Im thinking hes about to move the
bags cuz hes parked right beside them.. so I sneak closer
and closer.. He gets out and is humming/ singing a song..( so cute
and he comes aroudn the corner- I pop out and say, "
BOOOO!!!" . Breadticks flew in the air, he like hollered "
AHHHH!!!" fell backwards.. his cd rolled across the street,
keys fell out of his pocket. It was great! I scared him
good ;) YAY.. after I stopped laughing so hard.. I helped
him up and gave him a kiss ;) Aren't I sweet.
Anyhow we finished another game of chess.. and he left.
The whole purpose of him seeing me was not only to see me..
but to reclaim the PS2- he never took it home! So I still
have it. OK part # 2 of this weekend.. read on next title