Remember to Breathe
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2003-04-01 21:52:49 (UTC)

nine and fine (cont.)

I said I would post some of my own lyrics, so here goes:


I'm feeling like the odd man out
being broken to no end
Standing just outside the circle
trying to reconnect with a past friend
It feels like fucking junior high
when I couldn't do anything right
Another slow dance goes on by
but here I sit on through the night.

The one I want wants someone else
but that's how it always goes for me
The place where disappointment meets expectations
is where my home will always be.

I guess I'm not what you're looking for
and I'm just not your type of girl
But what can I do to change your mind
do I have to change my world
To get someone to love me
to have someone of my own
Or will I always be the odd man out
will I always be alone?

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