champagne supernova
2003-04-01 20:45:10 (UTC)


hahahahah! after 5 failed auditions i finally have the
right to say to myself.."Lindsay.....time to get
frosty"...hehehe.. even though i have a miserable miesly 5
lines..i am damn grateful for those 5 lines! i cannopt even
begin to explain how happy i am to be able to be in
cast .. i have wanted this experience since my freshman
year..i am now a junior. going on to senior, and i just
made it! wow!! i am truly happy i have wanted this
experience for god knows how long... even the smallest
detail of being able of this wonderful cast keeps me awake
at night..i know it sounds corny.. but i am just so
thrilled to finally be able to get sized for a costume..
have a "cast shirt"... havea dead line to learn
exhausted from rehearsal.... get miced.(maybe) and just..
well damn it able to say i was part of a whittier
highs chool flying tric . production! woo hooo!!!!! may 22-
24 here i come!!!!
fancy ~(duchess)~