Kurt Cobain Lover

If you read .u'll judge
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2003-04-01 19:46:20 (UTC)

Kurt Cobain,Kurt Cobain,Kurt Cobain

I will prove that Kurt cobain didnt kill him-self! It
pisses me of when ppl who no fuck al about him take the
piss bout him. He is and shal alyways be fuckin amazing.
I tryed to o.d the other day. pissed me of when my mum
came in and stop me after 5 pills. Oh well i cnt be botherd
wit life ne more cause its pointles like me... i dnt want
simpathy from ne1 but i wanna write it dwn on here cause i
wanna get all this fuckin anger out of me. I will die 1 day
and until dat day come i will be waiting 4 it. Now im goin
on bout fuck all and im borin u as much as me.
L8r ppl
bye 4 now