Visions Of Life
2003-04-01 18:15:48 (UTC)

Not Worth It

he United States has killed nearly 500 civilians in this
war, which is about 25% of the amount of people killed in
the September 2001 attacks. Even is this number is lower,
it will surely rise to that level and surpass it by far.
This unjustified war has brought slaughter to these
innocent people; innocent people who will be enflamed with
anger just as the families of September 2001 were.

This war, which is most importantly about the oil, is also
to ?free the Iraqi people?. Forcing democracy upon this
nation is reminiscent of the Soviet Union?s ?justified?
invasions of various countries. Imagine how you would feel
if an invading army bombed your favorite mall or
restaurant, and said it was collateral damage on their way
to ?liberate? you? How would you feel if the Nazis or
Soviets came to ?liberate? us?

?No, they weren?t liberating, they were invading and
conquering? - of course, from your point of view.
Unfortunately, the Arab world has the same reaction to the
United States preemptive strike on Iraq. ?They are
invading and conquering an Arab state? - that is what they
see. The President?s unjustified war is seen from this

Why should you care what the Arabs think? Because they
already have a distain for America?s foreign policy, and
wouldn?t object to our undoing; and certain individuals
dislike us (hate us) so much, they are willing to suicide
bomb us. The number of people who have anti-American
sentiment and even hatred is already high enough without
an invasion by U.S. troops.

This hatred is fueled by the attack on Iraq. As I
mentioned earlier, we are killing innocent civilians and
enflaming the hatred of the Arab world. The fathers and
brothers of families destroyed by U.S. bombs will live for
nothing and die for the death of America. The invasion of
a Muslim nation is viewed as an attack on Islam, a
compelling force for yet more anti-American fanatics.
Thusly, the attack on Iraq hasn?t made you or I any safer,
it has just added fuel to the fire.

What folly of western thought can be seen here? We are
supposedly attacking Iraq for (one of two) this reason: to
prevent terrorists from acquiring weapons of mass
destruction. We are flawed in this logic and the reason is
this: what purpose is there to fix an effect of a problem?
It is like taking a painkiller when you really need to fix
the source of the pain. How so? The terrorists wouldn?t
exist if we destroy them, and aren?t they the real threat;
not a regime on the other side of the world with missiles
with a range of 93 miles?

?We are going to liberate the people of Iraq? (second of
two reasons) - That would be fine under other conditions.
However I must reiterate this - a U.S. invasion force in
Iraq is seen as an attack on Islam, and the conquering of
an Arab state. It is seen this way by the Arab world. It
is seen this way, and as such will be the root reason for
the religious fanaticism and jihad by otherwise
indifferent people.

?It is the moral thing to do? - Basing this war on a moral
standard is not valid. When the attacking people?s morals
include bombing and killing people to achieve other ends,
it becomes an immoral escapade. The end does not justify
the means, especially not in the Arab world with so much
at stake. This war will cause even moderate Muslims to
become fanatics.

In addition, the President?s preemptive policy can be seen
as a precedent for future attacks by other nations and
rogue states. If his policy of disarmament and liberation
holds true universally, then why aren?t we attacking
China, Russia, France, Syria, Arabia, Israel, and
ourselves for their contributions to terrorism and weapons
sales? Why aren?t we attacking the more than 30
impoverished African countries for their oppressive
regimes, and liberating their people?

The question is this: what does Iraq have that those other
nations do not? And the answer is this: oil. Despite the
façade the President has created, that is what is comes
down to. Despite our stereotyping of the Arab world as
sand-dwelling religious buffoons, they actually see
through this lie more so than the American people. The lie
of the ?liberation and disarmament? of Iraq.

There may be one or two genuine (although sadly and
perversely misguided) reasons for this war, but they are
verily outweighed by the adverse consequences. This war
has not made anyone safer, has alienated us from the
industrialized world and the Arab world, and is viewed as
a war against Islam. Pictures of American planes over a
burning Baghdad and dead Iraqi babies will be the stuff of
Jihad for years to come.

Let us review the (misguided) pros of the war:
- Disarmament
- Free Iraqi people
- Oil revenue
- End of terrorist supplies (even though they probably get
more from us and Russia)

And the cons of the war:
- Death of innocent people
- Anti-American sentiment around the world
- Hatred of the U.S. by the Arab world
- Terrorist recruitment propaganda
- Destabilization of region
- Mass Islamic fanaticism
- Waste of money and resources
- Distraction from war on terror

It is not worth it. It is not worth it. It is not worth it.