Dr Cats

today is the greatest day
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2003-04-01 15:22:40 (UTC)

April Fools

Today was April fools day. I did one prank one somebody
because I remembered at like 5 this afternoon that it was
April Fools and I needed to do a prank cos it's just a
thing I do. So i hopped up and went and told my sister,
Emma, that Phil's mum had died. She gave me like this real
upset look and them I said "April Fools" and yeah you all
know how the rest of that goes. So today I wrote my
Creative Industries assignment. I finished it.. damn it was
boring to write to tell the truth.. Hmm it's late, and i'm
tired. I talked to Gab tonight for a while. It was really a
very cool thing, I mean I told myself that i wouldn't have
much to do with her for a very long time, but everytime we
start talking it lasts for ages and yeah it lasted for
ages. That's why it's late and I'm tired actually. It was
just such a very cool conversation.. I mean it was just
being friends again and being happy about it. Like there's
just nothing between us intimately anymore, we're just very
close friends and it's great.. it's almost like nothing
ever happend, but at the same time something did happen
between us, something huge, I mean we were very very much
in love, but we're better friends for it, and we're
betterpeople for forgiving eachother for any pain. Hmm so
yeah, I still reckon it won't be a while until we start
hangin out together again, but yeah that's cool... I'm just
very happy for that, thankyou God for looking out for my
heart! You're a champo for doing that much for me. Anyways!
Goodnight I need to sleep for the Big Wedesday ahead of me.