still single

sick of all the sh*t
2003-04-01 14:59:07 (UTC)

emptiness prevails...

So anyways I've been seeing a psychiatrist(for my meds) and
his wife who is a psychotherapist and damn, even with
insurance it's expensive. I have so much to write but don't
have the time right now. Psycho Jason is completely out of
the picture finally and I've just been dating here and
there and seem to meet someone everytime I go out but no
Future husband prospects. Not even worrying about that
right now. Work has been so hectic and I slept with my
friends husband(they are in the process of divorce but I
know it wasn't right..I was very vulnerable at the time and
I'm sure he sensed that) He pretty much seduced me and I
let him but she found out and it's probably the best
because she was a very bad influence anyways. Have only
known her a couple of months or so. So I've felt like a
piece of shit ever since and my therapist thinks I might
want to go on disability for a little bit since I have so
much sh*t going on . Still filing BK...paying of the
attorney little by little. Going out to the club every
weekend to tear it up after a hellatious week at work. I
have this empty , lonely feeling that I just can't shake
and I can't figure it out. I miss my dog still and wish he
was here because he always made me fel better. sounds
pathetic but it's true. Well I gotta head back to's neverending.