duhs world
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2003-04-01 14:37:45 (UTC)

worried and confused

i just sit here wondering if i ever wont be worried or
confused about the one i love and care for. after last
night i am so scared and worried he will be doing
something stupid or just forget about the people who care.
i sat there knowing i would probley loss what i have with
him tring to get him to talk,and i got some out of him but
i am still worried. y do this to myslef i ask?? y? well i
know y if u care for someone that much that means if u
messed up u learned ur leason and i always will remember
the good times we had, like our trip to vermont or the
trip to chunkeys or wait how bout everyday i was around
him. even if i was made fun of and still am, and that i
would drop everything with anyone for him. i sit back and
think what i could of doen differentand this is what i
came up with: 1. lost my attitude b4 it came about. 2. DID
NOT SLEEP WITH 2 OF HIS FRIENDS after we broke up. 3.
tried hard to make him happy and to get him everything he
wanted. 4. if i was prettier then i am and skinnier then
i am then he would like me more. those r the 4 things that
would of made us work i feel. ilove all my friends but
there is only one friend i would drop things still for and
thats him the specail guy in my life but he wants just
friends so thats how i am keeping it. i want more from
him but he doesn't want it with me until he tells me he
does then thats when i will be workin on it more. i still
care adn i still want him back but theres nothing going to
change me careing and loving, worring and scared for him.
ilove u hun. i love u mike and ali and anthony and kevin
and catrina and bill and billy and my family. if i forgot
anyone then next time i am in a lovign mood i will add u
if u remind me

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