Laura's need to rant and chat
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2003-04-01 13:30:21 (UTC)

Dreams suck

Last night I kept dreaming about my ex and how his all hurt
and whatever, over the break up. I know he's hurt, but so
am I. But I'm not the one who hid inside a fucking
computer. He left me along time before I walked out.

I feel like my mind is trying to tell me something, but
what I don't know. I keep having this really weird dreams
about the way things could have been different or evolving
people I've never met before. I really don't understand.

I know dreams help you work out things, but, I don't know I
feel like this dreams are only making me crazy....

I think most of these dreams are really about my fear of
moving, but also my need to move...
OH well,

Off to do something, anything... I've still go a pretty bad
headache... grrr....


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