2003-04-01 09:37:17 (UTC)

I could hardly imagine it. Look..

I could hardly imagine it. Look at me, I'm already in my
second year of university. Four more years to go. I'm
growing up. I thought growing up will add maturity to a
person. But I find myself woefully ill-equipped to face the
world. I am so weak, mentally and emotionally (and
physically come to think of it). I know I'm being silly but
I just can't help being afraid. Being afraid of everything.
All the big bad wolves in the big bad world, some
pretending to be grandmas, the rest not even pretending but
just is bad wolves to your face.

At the moment, my course terrifies me. I'm so afraid that I
won't be able to cope. And if I can't cope with little
things like this in everyday life, how do I expect to
survive next time in my profession???

Today was the second day of my clinical class. And it is
already discouraging. If I can't even handle small matters,
little failures at today's lesson ... sigh.

Fear is more pain than is the pain it fears. Easy for him
to say.

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