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2003-04-01 08:01:59 (UTC)

There's something going on...

So everyone and their brother (literally) wants to know
what's going on. I would like to be the first to know. I
have no substantial answers. I can only share what I
feel. Only, I am not at liberty to share how I really
feel. Eh...so goes life. You got bad news? No one wants
to hear it and yet somehow everyone knows. You got good
news...and you can't share it "for one reason or another."
(ha) I am patient...well, sorta. So I respect it. I
really do. Its getting harder to hide this big fat grin on
my face. Hard to not to share what is so substantially
impacting my life with such gentility and sweetness.
Reminds me of a joke I heard once.

This ordinary guy gets stranded on a deserted island with a
supermodel. They fall for each other, have great sex every
night and are so inlove. They have the warm sun, coconuts
and fresh fish by fire light every night. The weather is
perfect and the ocean is warm. But still the man is not
happy. The supermodel says...baby, what can I do to make
you happy...tell me...I'll do ANYTHING?

So he dresses her up as someone else and says....YOURE NOT