LonelyStars JOurnal
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2003-04-01 06:54:39 (UTC)

A day in the life of this lonelystar

Today woke up like always did what i always do in the am. i
hung out with katie and her friends they say this girl megan
likes me but i dunno. me having ag/f is bad news, it never
turns out right and the fact that megan was my most recent
ex i don't know if a new megan would be ne better. Oh well.
i play hockey again for like 3 hours till the rink closed
down. Hokey broke my damn puck and i busted sum kids knee
with a different puck. lots of drama at hockey some kid kept
pissing everyone off i was about to step in the middle but
the lights turned off. Well hockey leagues start this week i
hope i do good. i hope i get a great g/f soon. till next
time my childen adios.

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