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2003-04-01 06:23:49 (UTC)

Wild Monkey Sex

I want to choke the shit out my boss, Bill! Okay we've been
putting the computer towers onto the floor since last week
and we only had one side of the lab left to do and I
figured by the time I got into to work today that it would
be finished but of course it wasn't. And do you know why it
wasn't? Because Bill just waited for me and Ricky to come
into work tonight and finish it! Why is it that we have
been the only two people working on this?! I just don't
understand and then Randy and Clinton (his fine ass!) see
the two of us on the dirty ass floor trying to rehook these
fucking computers but do they help? of course not! So, we
weren't able to finish all of them because too many people
came in tonight so I guess when I come in tomorrow I have
the pleasure of doing them again. I guess this time I'll
make sure not to wear dark clothes so the dirt won't show
up so easily. This place is just so fucking dirty. We have
cleaning crews in the building every night after closing
would it kill them to come up here and throw a vacuum on
the floor? I guess so. I'm in a shitty mood, my freakin'
jeans are all dirty and scuffed up and there have been good
lookin' guys coming in and I just look and feel like shit.
I have the misfortune of working with Bill tomorrow..I'm
going to try out my evil eye technique and see if I can
burn a hole in his black heart. Bastard.

Alrighty on to another topic....hmmm...I decided that
summer is quickly approaching and it is time to find
some "party friends" so I can do the beach barbecue's and
drink corona's until the sun comes up. I filled out one of
the dating site/finder things and someone better fucking
bite because I'm to the point where I'm just going to walk
into a gay bar and just club a guy and drag his ass home! I
need someone now dammit! (I'm feeling very impatient today)
I'm not very comfortable with the dating thing to be
honest, as of right now I would rather find a friend...a
gay friend...who happens to be a guy...then we'll get drunk
and have wild sex and I won't have to go through all the
awkward stuff because it won't be a date it'll just be two
friends who got drunk and had wild monkey sex. It's a plan.
Tomorrow I'm going to fill out about 50 more and I'm just
going to start writing people and harassing them, someone
is going to bite I can just feel it. My line will be, "Do
you like beer and dancing? Yeah! Me too so let's do the
nasty!" I figure with women you have to be a little tender
and do the whole romance thing but men (gay or not) are
still men and they want to have wild monkey sex about 2-3
times a day (according to leading sex therapists).

Okay the lab is closing in a few minutes and I need to get
the hell out of here. Later.

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