skankin jesse

what a world
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2003-04-01 04:52:58 (UTC)

one love, one life........ A U2 song

Well today was a very decent day. It started off with me
taking the bus to school. Then I had a good first period
because Anderton sent us down to work with john and john
said he didnt need us for a while, so we played hacky sack
all period. Then during second I took a test and then beat
marvin in a cook off. Then third I had a pot luck in my
class. Then i almost fell asleep during 4th and then 5th
was ok but 6th period i had to lift heavy stuff so that
sucked. Then after school i went to wrestling which was ok
but i had other things on my mind. So i came home and
dropped off my stuff and went on a walk.

Song of the day: "One Love, One Life".... U2
Question of the day: Do girls like me?

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