UnBrEaK My HeArT
2003-04-01 03:45:24 (UTC)

Damn Im good

So I just memorized my password for this thing. I use to
have to go through much trouble just to vent but now I've
got it down...Damn im good. Today was a Monday. Blah.
School sucks and I feel like I have already graduated.
Certain teachers are dumb and need to be hit. Moving on.
I need money. Im broke. I owe everyone and their mom
money. Damn. I worked out today. That felt good. There
was a kid in white shorts with a huge ass boner. It
reminded me of Jackass when Johnny Knoxville does that. oh
but this boy was not aware. lol funny times. Then kristyn
and I went tanning because we've got to be looking good for
Spring break. That will be fun times. This weekend was a
lot of fun but OUT OF CONTROL. hmm actually I think im the
one whos out of control...Damn I need to work on that. Yay
for Tuesday because I have 2-5th hour off. Party party.
Hehe I have a funny picture....IM me if ya wanna sneak a
Luv ya
Lol random Thoughts....Oh Snap

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