La Vida Mia
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2003-04-01 02:00:38 (UTC)

March 31, 2003

well today i wewnt out and caught bugs for my aquatic
insects class. i only caught one bug and i had to use my
gum and a stick to catch it, it took me just about
forever. its a water skater, i think plecopter or
something. anyway life is progressing, i dont know if im
going to graduate in may, i think ill wait until august so
things are less hectic and i have more time to finish my
internship. i have so much homework and so little money.
i dont know what i want to eat for dinner. maybe pizza or
maybe ill go to kfc. who the hell knows. i have a ent
test thursday and the lab test friday. botany test on
monday and a forestry test wednesday. then i have two
papaers due later this months and then some more tests. i
havent gotten any midterms yet so im excited because
everybody has been talking about them for a few weeks now,
and knock on wood i havent gotten anything yet, lets hope
it stays that way.
ive been reading in the daily about how all these people
think the war is pointless and unnecessary and i couldnt
disagree more. peace has never guarnateed anything. it
has always been war that affords us our rights. and i hear
people complain about how the only reason we are in iraq is
because of the oil. so what! should that negate the fact
that the government of that country is terrible and
deserves to be toppled. should that be any less of a
reason to finally go into that country and get rid of a
monster. i dont see these protestors making a big deal
about human rights violations when we arent at war. it
seems the only time they come out of the wood work is when
they want to protest the U.S. government. bunch of
hippies. i support their right to protest, but they really
are hypocrites. anyway ill get on that horse another
time. i have to get to work.