Love is an Addiction
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2003-04-01 00:23:51 (UTC)

If I don't try now will I never get the chance

Dear Diary,

ok I don't know if he gets this but evry other reaction he
has wit another girl worries me do I still hav a chance
with him? so now I'm worried because he got as he
says "sexual healing" from some other girl if I want ne
girl to be givin him that i want it to be ME!but again I
never get what I want.Heck I don know if he still wants to
go out with me ne more and I don't know if right now is the
right time to ask. You wanna know whats funny I can't
picture jonathon in an intimate way ne more its so hard cuz
I havnt heard or felt ne thing from him that would be
intimate.I miss that alot. But ne ways!hehe.Hes not goin to
the same Highschool I'm goin to and I Think that finally
hit me where it hurts my heart. I'm gonna miss him miss
seein his face everyday in the hall way miss seein him just
go crazy and run into a wall miss the way he looks at me
and the way he makes me laugh and BOY am I gonna miss him
eyes and his laugh there both 1 of a kind. But its just not
fair why can't I keep my babyfor all time!?
I'll be his atleast always

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