Alexander Dickson

Silent Hill: Town of Unforgetable Memori
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2003-03-31 23:48:39 (UTC)

Well bored like eh man?

Hmm, nowt much been going on recently. Classes are trailing
on somewhat slowly, my rooms always a mess and the dance
mats continue to fall into disuse. Don't know what went
wrong with them. They work fine, but I don't touch them
anymore. I can't understand why I suddenly just stopped
playing DSPE. And it was sudden. As in one day, doing my
usual 60 (game minutes, about 1.5 times as long as real
minutes) and then the next not touching it and then after a
whole two weeks I try again and can barely last 30 minutes.
What a fucking disgrace. I am very dissapointed with
myself. I wouldn't suddenly get bored of it as fast as I
did so thats not it. There's no oher exercise I can think
of that I could possibly do right now either so its like
the only thing I could that could help me out. Even if my
calf muscles are already too big its still all I've got.
And it did help a lot when I was really dedicated to it at
new year. But now... I don't know what it is.

I forgot the time I was supposed to see my lecturer man
about my Philosophy essay on Wednesday. its either 2.30pm
or 3.30pm but I can't recall which. Pretty sure its 2.30pm
but I wouldn't bet on it. Not that I'm at all happy to be
there with that guy anyway. My essay was well shit and I
do't think I referenced very well if at all. I'm well
fucked. And there's a Sociology essay due for the 14th
which I need to start on very soon or I won't have it
finished in time and I'll be a big loser and fail and
stuff. Hell, I need to study for all my subjects now or I'm
fucked. It takes so long to learn.

I wish my hair would grow. Stupid fringe.
Till Next Time Space Kittens!