My Little World
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2003-03-31 22:17:44 (UTC)


1. what are some words to describe yourself?
-Funny, Smart, stupid, dumb, loving...caring
2. how many people do you consider a friend?
-A few people i know
3. what do you see in the near future?
-Homeschooling, being with Allen
4. what do you see in the next 5 years?
-Finishing high school, starting College, getting married
maybe even starting a family
5. what is your worst quality?
-I see red about things i am passionate about... i hate
mean people
6. what is your best quality?
-Being able to love another person
7. what makes you the person you are?
-The way i was raised. I give my parents credit for
everything i am the good and the bad
8. what is one thing that you want?
-Understanding...i want to understand why some people are
the way they are
9. what is one thing you would change about yourself?
-I would change the way i react to some things
10. what is one thing you would change about the people
around you?
-I wouldnt. I dont have the right to change people.
they are who they are and even if some are worse off then
others, they are themselves.

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