Pacifico: Rock's Modest Models
2003-03-31 19:45:56 (UTC)

weekend update

Friday-2 shows...copeland and cool hand luke
I hate looking like that guy that's at places just to be
seen because I am so not that person. but I dropped off
Cd's saw friends and cute girls got the best mixtape(ok cd)

Saturday-saw old friends, and partied. Some people needed
more attention other were fine. I think I always spread
myself too thin. Party was awesome. I mean we had russian
people passed out on our floor.

Sunday-2 hours sleep, church, and a show where 2 guys made
out and then one of them set his penis on fire and then
everyone left even the other bands before we played. And I
am tired.

quote of the weekend: "how can I be expected to have sex
when I can't even put a tampon in."

well ladies and gentlemen I must rest i hear hickeys go
away faster with alot of sleep.

God Bless,