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2003-03-31 19:43:38 (UTC)

My extraordinary weekend

Ok Saturday I went clubbing with Deren and 6 other people.
Went to Propoganda, Wardour Street, Soho, London. It was a
fun club, guest list only, good music (rnb and hip hop),
drinks were expensive (no surprises there), song mixing was
good but not excellent. Me and Derens friend Sarah were
dancing the night away (nothing else, so =p) and she was
good fun. It was a fun night, met a few more of Deren's
friend and yeah it was all good.
I stayed in Deren's room that night, spoke for a bit and
then went to sleep.
Sunday, Deren gave me a lift home, bought my mum some
flowers and then went home. Went up and got ready to um
sleep again (so lazy); must have got home around 11.30 and
slept till 1pm. I rang up Emily, first time I actually
spoken to her in a few months and it was nice. Shes back
for 4 weeks and she invited me around. We spoke about whats
been going on in the past few months in our lives and had a
good laugh at eachothers, it was like she never left. I
asked her if she wanted to go the Gloucester with me, a gay
bar in Greenwich and she said she was up for it. So after
she organised herself at home, we went to Greenwich (on
side note she gave me this chain that is so cool, love you
babes ^_^).
We went in and it was really crowded, lots of guys ^_^ and
yeah noisy. After we had our first drink we looked around
and lo and behold I saw Chris. If you read my earlier
entries I mentioned I had someone msn list with like all
gay guys from the UK and this is the one I had. We chatted
to him for a bit and then went around, we must have got
there around 6pm. We started looking around, i have never
been here ever but always wanted to go and it was really
nice. Friendly atmosphere but shame that alot of the guys
were old, still i had a really good time and so did Emily
(if she still remembers, poor girl ^_^). Chris mentioned
that alot more younger guys come on Monday so might pop
down sometime and who knows ^_^. Fun weekend, won't be
doing anything like that in a long while, but what a
weekend. Bye alls