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2003-03-31 17:43:41 (UTC)

Brightness and Darkness

Current mood: Happy ^_~

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Fave phrases recently:

I. "I don't believe in destiny. Life is only what you make
it." ~ Kris' exact words. Wise girl.

II. "How many more people must we kill? How many more times
must I kill the little girl and her dog?" ~ Heero Yuy,
Gundam Wing

III. "Well, if you have an enormous hole inside you, you
know you don't have a hymen!" ~ Ipse Dixit [i.e. ME!]

IV."I never *had* a bloody mars bar!" Ipse Dixit
Recent fave words: moral, imperative, warrior


Life is a muddle right now. One minute I'm hyper, the next
the tears are running down my cheeks. When will it end?

As well as this, online, diary, i have a little notebook to
jot down random thoughts/phrases/storyplanning.

I have started planning a Gundam Wing shounen-ai.
Trowa/Quatre, a canon pairing, but oh-so-cute. This is the
[possibly corny] summary I have thought up.

Title: Nanashi
Author: Angel Nataku
Rating: PG-13 - NC 17 [undecided - depends on the reviewers]
Summary: A name is an important part of who we are. With
Quatre, Trowa sets out on a quest to find himself.

Good, eh? ^^

I had an idea for it while reading - I'll type it up last,

I'm not gonna tell you what I was crying about, coz I just
don't want to right now. It would make it more real to
write down.

To the boring facts: I've been watching Endless Waltz, I
have Ghost in the Shell on DVD, and Suiren is ill. I hope
she's okay...

Much Love
~Anrui Kurayami~ xoxox

Typed up "Nanashi" Plot germ.

[Duo POV]

His lower lip is trembling slightly as he awaits my

"But Quatre! That's wonderful!" I try to reassure him.

His eyes fill with tears of hurt, "Please don't do that,
Duo. Don't pretend you are happy for us if you resent us."
A single tear trickles down his cheek before he wipes it
away hastily, "I just wanted you to know the truth... that
i loved Trowa. I felt I owed you that."

I take his slender hands in my own, squeezing
gently. "Quatre, if I wasn't happy for you and Trowa, I
wouldn't pretend. Duo Maxwell doesn't lie, remember? just
because two of my best friends sleep together, why should I
hate you?"

He smiles through his tears, "oh Duo.... I was so afraid
just now, like when I told Trowa I loved him... I thought
you'd call me a girl."

I release his hands, ruffling his fluffy blond hair. "I
know you're not, and anyway, I know you don't have your
eyes on every guy's ass, just Trowa's. You treat him well,
and if he doesn't treat you the same, he'll have the God of
Death on his case."

He hugs me impulsively, "Thanks, Duo."

"Hey, it's what friends are for." I grin, "Now, stop
squeezing me before Trowa gets all jealous."

He laughs too and releases me, "You wouldn't *believe* how
possessive he gets. My poor Nanashi..."

"Nanashi?" I ask in shock. I can't believe anyone could be
so cruel.

"Don't you remember? He had no name." The blonde reminds
me. Thinking back, I vaguely recall it.

"And the mercenaries... I see."

"Yes." Tension creeps into his stance, charged with
anger, "*And* the mercenaries."

I think I've touched a nerve there. The mercenaries must
have done something terrible to Trowa.

Little did I know, that in this conversation, Quatre began
the quest that would bring to light the past Trowa cannot


[Notes: its just a plot germ, so far. Can see it as
becoming an epic though, dammit.]