2003-03-31 17:33:21 (UTC)


alisa_c30 (10:01:12): howard...i'm so sorry for last night.
i try to come. i saw u but my internet disconnect before
and i can't connect internet again. i was try til 1 am. but
i can't
alisa_c30 (10:11:27): u means u will come to hk. between
july 28- august 4th., ???...i will try to save money too
for go to see u. ...howard..i don't know how much do u
spend for baby sitter but i think it's very much...can i be
a baby sitter of ur son because i want to make a lot of
money for go to see u .....just kiding na kha....howard
plzz take care urself and ur family i haeard a lot about
SARS. i thinkif u have a good health it's good for u..try
to exercise u can get a good health and good muscle. and
dont go near the person whom catch a goverment
told everybody in thailand for safe themself and i think
it'g good for u too.
alisa_c30 (10:14:39): when will u come to online again. can
u send me a messages?...howard do u have a mobile phone?
may u give me ur number and webstie that i can send
messages to you. when i miss u but we can't meet i will
send message to u too.......see u soon, take care...aun

alisa_c30 (22:25:12): woww...sawadee kha
alisa_c30 (22:25:40): i'm sorry for yesterday
alisa_c30 (22:26:21): re u there?

tenrikyoojiba (22:33:04): sawatee kap
alisa_c30 (22:33:37): how re u? sabai dee or not kha?
tenrikyoojiba (22:02:34): sabai dee?
tenrikyoojiba (22:02:43):

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