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2003-03-31 16:52:38 (UTC)

Algebra and killing people with snowballs

Let's hear it for being bored! Yeah...

I'm in Algebra right now, and I'm so far along in this
stupid computer tutor thingy that the teacher won't let me
work any further, so I have a study hall with no studying
to do. I've been playing Snow Bowling so far. TRY IT!

I know the link probably won't work but oh well.

My "adopted big brother", Josh, called me a tramp
yesterday :D. His REAL little sister, Sam, has a big crush
on Chris (my boyfriend, of course). So, I stole her
boyfriend from her AND I'm sharing her big brother :D :D.
I guess I really am a tramp! Unless you take into account
the fact that she's only 5 years old...

Yesterday I saw The Core. It's a good movie, but too many
good people die. And when the asshole of the movie finally
dies, he's turned into a good guy!

Saturday, I went to the mall with mom. Twas fun. I got a
tuxedo shirt for chorus :D, some stockings to wear to
Steve's wedding, and a 3rd ear piercing in my left ear.
THAT was really fun.

mom: hey, wanna get a piercing?
me: eh. sure.
mom: cool, cuz I want one too!

She got hers in her right ear. I cannot wait until Steve's
wedding to see if Michelle will freak out at the sight of
it. hehehehe.


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